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I don't like the phone because of this: Trauma Blocks the Frontal Lobes – "Verbal Physiotherapy" Can Unblock Them - Mad In America! It just seems like everybody enjoys rebuffing me & degrading me so you can feel better about being you ... whatever.

Jan 12, 2023 - I actually got my payment account corrected about mid December. (Sean threw me $5 for my trouble ... but only after he was completely oblivious to the fact that the first two payments I made were by money order, as instructed by the prior manager & is standard; but he wouldn't acknowledge the first one of $500 until I said to him through clenched teeth that "some places won't sell money orders for over five hundred so I had to buy two".) I haven't seen him since. (They seem to have a high turn-over rate with the management personnel here.)

The new issue now... (yes, of course there's a new issue, I get scapegoated!) But the new issue is about the manager's threat of $100 fines for trash bags left in trash chute room when the chute is overflowed. Well, I posted the following on LinkedIn:

I got called into my apt manager's office to do some re-cert work for their corporate office accounting (my Section 8 voucher is already approved for this year) and I figured I'd bring up the fact that it wasn't legal for them to threaten a $100 fine for trash bags left in trash room when the chute was overfilled ... I had a copy of their notice and I included inserted text of the associated state law part - CO Rev Stat § 38-12-505 (2020) 1) b. IX. which simply states that "adequate receptacles need to be provided" ... I said that the arbitrary "fine" would constitute a fee outside of lease agreement. The manager said that if I had a problem with it then I could move ... she also threatened me with a Notice to Vacate. I am a veteran and am disabled and they terrify me because their point is to intimidate me into concession. There was a young man there with her who told me earlier that he had only been working for them a month and he also lived there. In the meeting in the manager's office the young man said that he thinks the lease allows for their fine to be charged but then admitted that he signed it without reading the entire thing. (I have the lease in digital text form now after running the pdf pages through optical character recognition software.) I told them that I had violent crimes committed against me when I was younger, and there were a lot of dedicated and well educated people that took time & effort to help me and I was specifically but informally educated in the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act regarding my demographic. The manager then refused to continue with her planned re-cert work with me and said that her supervisor will be there next week and I can ask her if I can continue living (in their world). I ended up telling my (elderly) father about all of this (he was the state delegate for Ben Carson before Ben dropped out of his campaign) and he pointed out that their use of the word "fine" wasn't appropriate since only gov't can fine people. I told him that I pointed out to the managers that the threat of the arbitrary fine can cause tension and animosity among the low-income residents. Under the Housing Assistance Payments contract that the corporation agreed to by accepting the money for my voucher it states that (I) have the right to enforce the contract against the landlord - which obviously means bringing issues to their attention in an appropriate way but then they are inappropriate with always having at least two people in the office as a physical intimidation and then they go off on a power trip ... she even exclaimed that she was the manager and could do anything she wants. Some of these #propertymanagement people belong in a federal prison cell. #ada #humanrights #disabilityinclusion #disabledveterans #realestate #ethics #ethicsmatter #law

Jan 20, 2023 - Note: Something that I thought I had already included on this page is the link to the webpage that I set up for publishing some content that I've accumilated from Facebook posts by a man that I helped but I also was taken advantage of by him. (I explain more there.) The content is sad & frightening, simply put. I'm also publishing it at now.

Update: 12/01/2022 - I broke down & made a Google spreadsheet to be in accord with the correct pro-rate & less the misapplied state payment to my side of ledger I'd be shorted $25 (not $73 as I stated below) but the first month error is obvious on close inspection. There was another misapplied state payment to my side of ledger at beginning of last month & I got print-out but let it go & checked it again a week later & that payment wasn't there so I got that print-out. I then filed another complaint with HUD equal rights agent & spoke with the nice lady, again; but I mentioned that it was the second time for same ongoing issue (but new complaint since the last one was closed). They'll probably consider it the same issue all together since yet again, it's an issue that is only affecting me, nobody else, so it can't be discrimination... (or some circular logic that I just don't get). I told her that I could keep track & was going to wait until after the new year to contact my case manager about correcting the account.

Update: 11/16/2022 - My online portal account is still not correct due to the first month pro-rate discrepancy & the misapplied state payment. I made a spreadsheet in Google docs and figured out that in the end I am being shorted a bit under a hundred dollars with their accounting. I wasn't sure what to do and continued to check the online portal account periodically. Lo & behold there was a new misapplied state payment to "my side" of ledger. I was being overly credited so I was thinking that I'd let it go until after the new year because in my last apt their online portal account changed and automatically pulled the entire rent payment, not just my portion as it did prior. I figured that I'd save people time and trouble by only handling it once at that point. (I know ... it's so stupid of me to be concerned about other people's time like that, huh? It's just not normal, is it? It's why everybody figures I must feel guilty or something.) Anyway, what happed a couple days ago was that misapplied payment from the state was removed! I was again being shorted the $73. (I have copies of the online account ledger of both before and after that adjustment.) I filed another discrimination complaint with HUD against the corporation yesterday.

Update: 09/29/2022 - This article is important information with regards to my case since even though I've had rather extensive "talk therapy", I get an iatrogenic type of issue because I know that it's incompetence & mismanagement that caused the issue with my account with my new apt but they're supposed to be regulated, & ethical & professional. I had just went through an ordeal & I remind people (like you, Matt with the MSW) that I'm disabled under federal law but then I get terrified because there's the point to teach me that it just don't matter to you. One of the papers I dropped off on the councilmember's porch was actually evidence of crime committed against me. There was the copy of the check from the state to a corporation that was used to humilate me & there was a real physical threat against me in the way the management presented it to me. That payment was the one that stands as misapplied on my account & is listed as being directly from me (& the first month pro-rate is still wrong yet, too).

I tried a letter to their corporate office & they did that ceremony thing with the check and I tried contacting HUD representative again (after filing an equal rights violation complaint against the management with HUD), but still nothing changed. The HUD representative re-sent everything that was needed by the management including the list of payments sent to them from the state with their status of "cashed", but still nothing. I had some lady let her little dog jump on me in the elevator one day & I was just feeling degraded as hell with the situation of my rent payment account showing that I owed about $1K, so I went down and yelled at the one young woman manager who was staying late to take beginning of month rent payments. It was after that incident when the manager that took over my account approached me in the lobby a few days later while I checked my mail & said (in front of everyone in there) that the company hasn't received any payments from the state. She contacted the HUD representative again and then finally (sorta) fixed it. I have lots of screencaptures & pay history pdf's saved from all of that if I need to present it in court to demostrate what I was experiencing while you & the councilmember & the detective were positioning yourselves to be in collusion with (& abet) a corporation stealing money from a disabled person.

Update: 09/28/2022 - So if Mr Trenery (with the MSW) bothers to actually look at this then I will make it clear that the accounting of my rent payments isn't entirely accurate. I have a couple hundred dollar credit (now) that is not due me so I'm not sure what to make of it. There was a payment from the state that was misapplied ... the one that I had a copy of the check that was sent to their corporate office in Atlanta and they sent it back here to Colorado to show me that their job is complicated and I'm not really worth their time unless they can humilate me by forcing me (ok, "coercing" me) to read my portion of rent and the state's portion out loud within hearing of other (potential) residents ... (or potentially not, but could see me out in the city & want to teach me that I should give up & go to hell in a handbasket since I'm not helping them out with my good fortune of having gov't assistance) ... I need to toughen up, don't I (or whatever) ... Anyway,
They applied the payment as being from me & not the state so they could reverse it but then they would short me $23 because of the way the first month wasn't pro-rated correctly by what the gov't figured. There is also the upcoming electric billing so they could play a shell game with me yet. They are a corporation and it's just way too embarrassing when a man like me has a problem because I must not deserve what I have because here they're a company of people working, just trying to make a living, trying to take care of their families, and that goddam gov't ... & taxes && ... oh, well you hear what they're sayin', doncha Matt with the (fake) "MSW" ... you can sympathize!

Oh incidently, of course there is a temptation to teach me how I should be more careful about how I can be misunderstood (suppress my free speech, in other words) so I should expect retaliation by this gov't employee (with a MSW), & who's also an unconstitutional specious authority, by his misrepresentation (lying) to a judge to get the court order to psych eval me, right? Oh, I brought up ERPO so I will link directly to the audio recording of my argument against the bill at the Senate Committee hearing at the statehouse. I was sitting next to the (former) Teller County Commissioner. He didn't have a problem with me. If I ever have to "reach out" then my first question would be is how is it that Matt with the MSW isn't in a federal prison cell?

To clear this up here I offer resolution as opposed to your revolving door. The property management company that both owns & operates the apt complex where I moved to over 4 months ago wasn't (isn't) accounting for over $700 that they received from the state for my Section 8 voucher. I had been overpaying, actually, since there is still supposed to be separate electric. In any event, at this point I have a copy of an email (reply) sent to the HUD state case manager from the company's employee stating that their confusion was a mix-up of what gov't assistance I had (when they've already cashed checks & there was attachments on original email from HUD for the Electronic Bank Transfer & I had given a copy print-out of the instructions attachment to the on-site manager a few weeks prior to remind her of the process).

Edit Sep 07, 2022: my payment account has been corrected (mostly, a minor discrepancy yet, but it's better). I reiterate though, the payments from my voucher were not being processed accurately when the management is in the business of taking rent payments. It dragged on for over four months. I broke down and talked to family members about the issue when there's nothing they can do. I had every right to be angry.

Ok, so that was actually all being dragged out for months now & I had even sent a letter to thier corporate office in Atlanta to request that the issue be taken care of without me having to return to the on-site office. It is frustrating for me and I can get emotional (obviously irritated) but of course people always figure that I have absolutely no right to be upset (when my money is basically being stolen from me by a corporation ... I had already got the "we have ethics & our core values" bit from the on-site manager ... I had already put in a complaint to HUD Equal Rights representative) but I was summoned back to their on-site office. Of course I agreed since I'm a normal person like that, I figured give them benefit of doubt - it'll be resolved now. No, it wasn't though. I was called into their office (two women managers in there) & they immediately summoned their maintenance man to stand in the doorway behind me ready to shove his groin into my shoulder like something like that has never happened to me before. I'd never expect it, do you understand? Of course you do (but never admit to your posit) but if you can physically contact me in some way & I pull away on instinct then that would constitute the "aggressive" movement you need from me to justfy the violence that you want to commit against me, ya know, "to help me" and of course the temptation for you to use that same common tactic to provoke me would be too difficult for you to overcome & that isn't your fault, I know. I am to learn to sympathize with you since you "must" deal with a honorable, decorated, US Navy veteran that is disabled under federal law, has a "vulnerability index score" with the Colo Coalition for the Homeless, and has evidence that a corporation is stealing my money. (It hasn't yet been fixed - I looked at my account portal after I saw that you came by and it is still wrong.) It is irritating for me. They are being paid to do a job but their attitude is that the people like me (or maybe just me here) isn't deserving of anything but their contempt & disdain.

So in the interim of waiting for the company to get over their bureaucracy problem I figured that I could point out to this councilwoman that sponsored a city gov't bill to license landlords, and that is the aspect that is overlooked about how large companies have figured out that there is no real penalty for them if they are negligent in their responsibilities. Culture (which now includes you, Matt with the "MSW" & your unethical threats against me by returning to my apartment building uninvited) ... but culture sympathizes with the property managers (they're just trying to make lots of money helping poor people, after all) since you all have to deal with the likes of me, a man who has been sexually assaulted by other men four times in my life, two were men "in positions of trust" (like you, Matt "MSW"). The details of those incidents were brought out of me years ago by licensed counselor with a master's degree in your same field. You figure something must've went wrong somewhere if I've had these bad things happen to me and although I survived I'm not all subdued like I'm expected to be, isn't that not so? What right do I have to challenge the property managers on their work ethic or a councilwoman on her understanding of all of the issues involved with her cause. I admit here that I was assuming that the "landlord licensing" bill that the councilwoman was sponsoring wasn't yet passed. I thought that there could be some certification that the gov't assistance process(es) were understood but of course nobody cares about that sort of thing. I get that now. I'm completely against that bill/law of hers now & I've been able to demostrate how it is all a farce, or "virtue signaling". There is really no way violations can be enforced without the landlords scapegoating (some) tenants. If the gov't payments are stopped (the punishment for a landlord's violation of the Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments contract) then what's to stop them from jerking around with the payment portal for awhile to see if they just can't do the expedient thing & drive that tenant out into the streets. The managers can rely on the cultural attitude of that was the tenant's "choice", right? Your job is to help the management companies that violate federal law get away with their abuse for the sake of "harmony" or something.

The detective that contacted me (by phone call) agreed with me that the three papers that I dropped on the councilwoman's porch were non-threatening. I was warned that I'd be charged with tresspassing if I go to her door again. I told the detective that I understood that and he ended the call when we were finished speaking. ... You need to understand now, Matt, I do not recognize you has any kind of authority over me. Any authority you think you have is specious. The reality is that you are being threatening towards me for my "whistleblowing". There is actually a more serious implication here too with my past medical debts that I've managed to pay off & my work at improving my credit since I still have an unused VA benefit of a home-loan. You would be needing to get me into an ambulance & into a psych ward to justify your involvement, & help the councilwoman feel better, & help the property management people ... maybe all at the councilwoman's direction. I'll explain it by the federal law way that I was taught (I'll get to that part yet here still, but...); see, this councilwoman who has her house, and a job she sucks at is having you help get me back into debt and out through the ol' revolving door because I was advocating for the people of my demographic which the ADA uses the term "mentally impaired".

There is the crux of it, now. My use of the word "advocate" to describe myself & what I'm doing. You would most likely disagree that I am actually able to consider myself one since I've only convinced you that I should be locked up & forced catatonic. (Actually the Section 8 HAP contract has it that "The tenant has the right to enforce the HAP contract against the landlord" meaning, as I understand that, to contact HUD to do a re-inspection, or write a letter to the corporate office to avoid a physical altercation with an on-site manager who is an expert at smiling & rebuffing.) I pointed out to them & I will point out to you now, that I have been informally, but specifically and purposefully educated in the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (or US Constitutional Fourteenth Amendment right of equal protection of law) in regards to my demographic of "mentally impaired". I ask you now, Matt with the MSW, do you think I might've just made that bit up, ya know, all grandiose & psychotic like? Or maybe I was taught that statement by the person who was to "teach me what he knew was what their team decided to do to help me"? The reality is that there was/is possibility that somebody in the property management company is embezzling, maybe it's all a (potential) Ponzi scheme ... but I did explain my current situation (with the missing $700) to the detective and instead of investigating fraud against a disabled person (yes me, you twit!) ... but instead of considering me as a victim of abuse, theft, or whatever and looking into that, the expedient thing is done & I'm being harrassed & physically threatened by gov't city employees. That is my perception and the reality is that I was taught to understand it that way by a licensed counselor with a master's degree & twenty-five years in the human/social services field at the time. I am an equal to you.

(oh, & Matt? Where did you get the stapler to staple you card to the note you left in my door?) That day, Aug 22, was my parent's anniversary & you wanted me to have to call them from the psych ward & tell them that I lost my housing because I did not comply with the arbitrary new rule of ignoring the payment portal and there was a new specious authority who wanted to teach me a life lesson. ... I never supported any "defund the police" thing ... the city mayor you work for wants to make M1 holds more mandatory (⇽ see: for my evidence of that claim) so it gets obvious what your job is exactly concerning me. There was a lot of time & effort put into helping me by many educated people but I went & dropped off some non-threatening paperwork on a local politician's porch ... one of the papers was a copy of a check that was mailed to Atlanta from the State of Colorado, Division of Housing which in turn was mailed back to here so the manager could show me that they've received it and she pretended to enter the amount into my rent payment account on her laptop but it never materialized in my online portal rental payment history. It was all to humiliate me. I was discriminated against since they surely would not do that with every tenant of theirs that receive Section 8. That was taught to me as well, Matt. Your job is to completely reverse all of that education, is it not?

It was my parents anniversary & they got my card & I called ... I'm their only son ... their first born son died in an USAF hospital in England to a medical mistake shortly after he was born. My mother lost her dad the following year ... he died of hypothermia on their porch ... he was alcoholic but also WWII vet with six years in and served on three fronts. My late uncle was USAF (R) & my paternal grandpa was USAF (R) & my (paternal) step-grandpa was WWII paratrooper and was hit by landmine shrapnel near Japan. I was born in an USAF hospital on the east coast and (was) moved here. When I served I maintained my residency in Colorado and so paid state taxes. I was violently attacked by a civilian one night in 1986 when I was in port & out in the city alone. It was a bias related crime & an attempt on my life. (The man attempted to infect me with hiv & he thought that it worked.) I have been violently attacked other times as well, including one by police that was a retaliation because a shipmate that I was out with wrecked his car into one of their personally owned vehicles. That kind of thing happened to me too. They chased me with their car, almost at the back of my legs, & trapped me in partially walled off lot and beat me. My counselor got the details of that event out of me too. The first time I was homeless was when I was sixteen. My dad locked me out & took my key for a few weeks. (No, I don't hate him ya dork.) A teacher physically abused me when I was in tenth grade (my counselor got the details of that event out of me but there's also a woman, my old classmate, who should remember that and she works in the state's corrections system) so I dropped out of school and started working full time in construction plumbing (I had already started part time work while in school). I couldn't afford a vocational school so I joined the military. All that leads me to one last point.

There is something that I found out when working on my genealogy (my mom started it years ago & had some records from my father's side) but I am out of a specific & definable culture that is considered religious (in that it's not, actually) but one of the definitions is that we avoid dogmatic religious doctrine (to varying degrees) but we support inclusiveness ("") but most importantly, equality. We are only supposed to talk about topics we understand or else, of course, we're honest about what the limit of our knowledge is. My ancestors left England because they were being burned at the stake. They traveled to America with William Penn. My great(x7)-grandfather served on the first jury ever convened (by Penn) in the colonies to rule on a criminal case. (You don't think I should enjoy the same right to liberty, fourth & sixth Amendments, 14th Amendment, etc. If you are in the position to violate my civil rights then you figure that I must not have them. So there's another kind of discrimination happening here and now there's a whole bunch of you people (being paid to do a job) that are actively participating in, whether knowingly or not, but now it is religious persecution. I'm not going to attempt to explain ... oh, fuck it - see, it's like here I am right - hell, the woman employee admitted in her email reply to the state's HUD case manager that she couldn't set up their software correctly ... but what is it then? I scare (whomever) - get over it & tell that ignoramus, Stacie Gilmore, to grow up. This is a farce! How do you foresee it all ending, especially now that I've called out her ignorance? You still do not get it ... if the management company did their work ethically then none of this would even be an issue! Blame them for violating federal law - oh but it can't be any law that they violate since your job is to proliferate stigmatism associated with my demographic & ensure that it all just goes away (with me).

Updates Section

(New ⇾) My change in position regarding the landlord licensing in the city is not (entirely) out of pure spite (see, I ain't like you people ... I'm sorta different like that); but with the inspections, it can be just another perfunctory ceremony. People who are not part of the social/human services fields have their own bias and being uneducated in social science (that some people will stubbornly make a point to verbally associate with socialism, just to shame people like myself) ... but they're not really at fault since they're not in the profession. There was another rental property owner that I spoke with when I lived in Westminster about their city inspections who told me that he advised his tenants that they could deny entry to the inspectors & they could cite their U.S. Constitutional Fourth Amd right in their refusal. I understood his point. It is an intrusion and people who've experienced trauma can be easily intimidated, and that isn't their fault but of course their apparent trepidation can be misconstrued as guilt or whatever & nowadays everybody thinks they're a forensic psychology expert and they start thinking everything that is said to them by somebody like me is some kind of parapraxis so they may just start firing back loaded questions or other degrading statements at a tenant. What happened to me in 2015 with the City of Westminster inspectors was criminal since the landlord had the baseboard heat system off at the boiler (the cheap way for him to handle the problem) but they merely made excuse for him out of their pure instinct. Here's my video of the Westminster rental housing inspectors in 2015.

It's really about how you all can insult me, all that you'd like to, but I'm not supposed to insult any of you. Is that not true? Again, I reported a crime being committed against me (a disabled person) by a corportation to a public servant and in lieu of reporting that she wanted to use the system to dispose of me. The 'ol silence the critic posit, a threat of violence against the disabled person for reporting crime committed against him. (Nevermind the Rule of Law Index, haha, right?) Here, this is my reality, not yours: The Myth of Violence and Mental Illness - CMHA Durham ...

Incidentally, there's a whole lot more to me & there's even more related to my current circumstances. The last apartment I was in (see: had a property management company (corporation) operating it too and they were refusing to repair a handicap accessibility door opener. They then also insisted that the door be kept closed when it was an interior heavy glass door & the equivalent door on leasing office end was usually wedged open (& that one worked!). It was physically abusive of them! Everybody I tried to contact about it (your class of people, Matt with the "MSW") couldn't care less. Things like that are demeaning to the residents & can increase tension (of course you should already understand that given that you have a master's in social work & all), but I had no other choice but give up & move. I realized that the company just might go ahead and allow the Section 8 payments for my unit to be held back by the state. They're not supposed to hold that against me (since, in reality, it was their non-compliance with their own lease) but I wasn't about to test that with them. In my VA medical records there is PTSD included. I've told my doctor there the same basic information about my past as I've mentioned here. I do not need y'all's cultural torment. You all are sick!

Anyway (oh, I know I digress & get verbose), but I had to obtain a Signed Mutual Rescission of the Lease Agreement in order to transfer my Section 8 voucher to a new apartment. (People always want me to lose my voucher, seriously! I'm supposed to have it for life if I need it; it's part of my "safety net" as it was described to me by someone in your field, Matt with the "MSW". My type of disability benefits aren't necessarily permanent, I get re-evaluated. A person has to be hospitalized for a condition in order to receive the kind of disability I am on, as well.) ... So I was able to get the state gov't form signed by the management but their regional manager attached a "non-disclosure agreement" to the gov't form for me to sign for them which technically modified the form for fraudulent reason (because they violated federal ADA law, doofus!) and that is a type of forgery under state law: CRS 18-5-102. Of course the state HUD case manager accepted it & surely never did anything else. See, Matt with the "MSW", there's the phrase "low-hanging fruit" that comes to mind in that all of these people can get away with violating laws (against a disabled person, no less) but it's just easier, or expedient actually, for all of you to ... well, scapegoat (ad hominem) me instead. You help abuse a disabled person, Matt Trenery "MSW", do you understand? Since I was educated by people in your field, Matt with the "MSW", to understand that what these people (well, you too now) who are being paid to do a job are engaging in actual criminal activity with the blatant impropriety & unethical practices to the point of producing & submitting modified state gov't forms; and other "professional" people collude (no, not exactly "conspire" since there's not much interaction between participants; haha - you think I don't understand the psychiatry history which you posit to obscure) ... but other participants' posit is to exculpate any wrongdoers within your caste, it all becomes a iatrogenic issue for me. You all just rub my face in it, in other words, like it's what I must deserve since you all are able to do it to me. The ol' "Just World" posit, right?

I am supposed to have a U.S. Constitutional Fourteenth Amendment of equal protection of law & also covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Do you comprehend? In reality I dropped off three (non-threatening) papers on a local politician's porch (one of which was a copy of a state issued check to a property management corporation based in a another state ... no reason at all for me to have it, was the point, & it still has not been applied to my account) ... and since she is a "public servant", a city council member, she gets to use the city police & another new kind of secrete specious authority to intimidate me & threaten me to suppress my civil rights ... but yet that public servant did absolutely nothing at all to help a disabled person who is being abused by corporations that she thinks she's succeeded in better regulating. I wanted to get her attention and the message through that it is reality for me. None of you people could give a shit less. I'm not sure that I'd be able to look at myself in a mirror if I was any of you! The councilwoman was obviously just pissed that my tactic actually worked & I managed to get her attention. You people are all arrogant & grandiose! (When I first called the state HUD representative about the inoperative handicap accessibility door opener he called the apt manager's office there & was told by a manager that "sometimes you have to push the button twice" and he then called me back & repeated that statement.) What is wrong with you people? Seriously!

Below is the Signed State of Colorado form (& fraudulently modified) Mutual Rescission of the Lease Agreement with my prior property management corporation's attached "Non-disclosure Agreement"

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